Welcome to the official website of the First Conference on Mathematics Sciences and It's Applications (FCMA2016)

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the First Conference on Mathematical Sciences and Applications (FCMA-2016). This event will be held on December 21-22, 2016 in Muthanna University, Samawah, Iraq

The city of Samawah is the modern capital of the Al Muthanna Governorate. The city is located midway between Baghdad and Basra, at the northern edge of the governorate. The province was established in 1975; prior to that date it was a unified province along with Qadissiya (Diwaniya) and Najaf.The most famous attraction of Samawah is the ruins of the ancient Sumerian city of Uruk which dates to 4000 BC. This was the largest city in Sumer, extending over 2 km². Uruk was not only the largest conurbation of the first urban civilization on earth, but it is also the place where the first written script was discovered, the oldest dating back to 3300 BC .


This conference is supported by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Muthanna University and College of Science .


The main purpose of this conference is to bring together leading experts and young researchers to share new ideas, trends and methods of applied and pure mathematics. The development of mathematical sciences and its applications and to bring together the members of the mathematics community, interdisciplinary researchers, educators, mathematicians, statisticians and engineers from all over Iraq.


The conference will present new results and future challenges, in series of invited and short talks and poster presentations. The presentations can be done in the language of English and Arabic. Also, original, unpublished papers are invited for presentation in the conference FCMA-2016. All presented paper’s abstracts will be published in the conference proceeding. Moreover, selected and peer review articles will be published in the following journals: Muthanna J. for Pure Sciences. www.muthjps.com


We hope you will attend and contribute to the “First Conference on Mathematics Sciences and It's Applications(FCMA2016)"


We look forward to seeing you in Al Samawah.

For information ,please contact the conference chair Hussein J..AbdulHussein, Ph.D Muthanna University ,College of Science Department of Mathematics and Computer Applications Samawa, Iraq
Cell Phone: 009647801125815
Email: husseinabdulhussein@mu.edu.iq


Registration: 20 November 2016
Abstract submission:15 November 2016

Registration with Accommodation : 75 USD (or 75 ID)
Registration without Accommodation :50 USD (or 50 ID
Student: 25 USD (or 25 ID)



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